Open Proposal for Structure, Objectives, and Minimums


  • Generate an awareness of collective power so that projects can support one another without having to support themselves in commercial relations and fall into self-exploitation.
  • Foment relations and connections between creative projects of the same type (for example: printshops, social centers, gardens, healthcare groups, childraising groups, etc.)
  • Foment relations and connections horizontally between projects of different types to make possible exchanges, networks, gift economies and a culture of reciprocity.
  • Give support to the people who want to start new infrastructure projects, sharing materials and experience.
  • Encourage the learning of capacities and skills that are artisanal and truly useful for the self-organization of life.
  • Share knowledge and resources.
  • Make possible the level of coordination between projects that the members themselves consider fruitful and necessary.


  • Semiannual gatherings in Catalunya. The gatherings will not be congresses, but common spaces that are decentralized and designed for the sharing of resources and the encouragement of relations of quality, where people can directly make contacts, start initiatives, and generate networks in an agile way, without going through bureaucratic procedures.
  • The Coordination is intended for participants in creative and infrastructure projects, or for people with the intention of starting such a project.
  • Minimalist organization, from below and arising from direct needs. The gathering will be a space for encouraging the generation of other types of organization and coordination: from email lists to networks, meetings, and joint activities. No group or individual will have to participate in structures that do not directly respond to their own organizational needs (for example: three garden collectives and a collective of self-organized healthcare can organize a joint initiative, without other collectives with other needs having to participate).
  • A voluntary commission, established at each gathering, that takes responsibility for organizing and publicizing the following gathering, and inviting new collectives to participate.
  • A commission for setting up a website where all the collectives and projects that wish can be listed as forming part of the Coordination.


Participation is for people who are involved in infrastructure projects or creative projects, or who have the intention of starting such a project. By creative and infrastructure projects we mean any project that corresponds to a vital need (cultural, emotional, or physical), that creates tools necessary for the struggle (spaces, propaganda, care, capacities of self-defense, etc.), or that begins to build the world we carry in our hearts.

It does not matter at all how the projects that wish to participate label themselves, but it is necessary that their principles, practices, and thinking be libertarian, even if they do not use that word. Accepting that a group of heterogeneous people will not arrive at a consensus on the meaning of this term, we understand «libertarian» (at least in this document) to mean: with a revolutionary or transformative perspective, in favor of a healthy, heterogeneous and free world; against patriarchy, capitalism, the State, the domination and destruction of the planet and of other living things, and all other types of exploitation and oppression. It also means: a commitment to the values of solidarity, mutual aid, self-organization, and free association, and an independence from any political party, state institution, or state-funded labor union.

We understand that many struggles and important values are not reflected here, but we respect the differences amongst ourselves, we value constructive conflict, and we recognize that all of us still have much work to do, that no struggle is perfect and we accept what is obvious: that ennumerating a complete list of all the struggles and values will not make it so that these are truly appreciated in practice; that the struggle has to be perfected on the streets and not on paper.

The first gathering will be celebrated on October 17 and 18 in Manresa

  • Presentation of projects (function, brief history, needs and desires).
  • Elaboration of a more detailed schedule.
  • Meetings among similar projects.
  • Free time for workshops of artisanal skills and techniques, etc.
  • Changes to the proposal of objectives, structures, and minimums.
  • Forming a commission to organize the next gathering.

(There will also be time for cooking, eating, and playing together, and a space for children).