The New World in Our Hearts, Anarchist Infrastructures, and the Gift Economy in Catalunya

What follows are two translations and an original article regarding an organizational process undertaken by anarchists in Catalunya. The first translation is a call-out, resulting from several years of debate and experiences—both failures and partial successes—regarding anarchist organization and coordination, the successful spreading of anarchist ideas and practices, and the effects of repression and recuperation. The second is a text prepared for one of the debates held during the gathering. And the article describes how the gathering actually unfolded. Our hope is that these texts can inspire similar processes elsewhere, and above all critical reflection about organization and strategy, rather than blind repetition or mimicry. It should go without saying that the situation shapes the strategy, and that such a process was possible, and perhaps necessary, in Catalunya given the high density of anarchist activity and projects. Over 40 anarchist infrastructure projects came to participate in the gathering that eventually resulted from this process, and these did not even number a half of the total of such projects in Catalunya. Lacking such a density, both the needs and the possibilities for coordination diminish. Readers in such circumstances, then, might find it more useful to focus on the prior conditions of this process: the attention given to reskilling and to infrastructure projects.

Call-out for the First Gathering of the Coordination of Libertarian Infrastructures

Open Proposal for Structure, Objectives, and Minimums

Debate: Gift Economy

First Gathering of Libertarian Infrastructures